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Welcome to Our School



The 2-story building on South Carter that was our school no longer exists. The only physical sign that remains of Holy Spirit is the black and white historical marker shown below. But the intangible markers of Holy Spirit School are myriad. Every student who ever attended Holy Spirit left there imbued with mental training, spiritual fervor, community and self-awareness. The values instilled by the Sisters of the Holy Family and the Josephite priests are with us still. Each of us has become who we are as reflections, imitations and in some cases rejections of the life lessons we learned at Holy Spirit. The influences extend far beyond the 20+ years that classes were in session. The gifts bestowed by our teachers, the nuns and priests molded us, and through us our children, grandchildren, unto generations. We owe it to ourselves, to our parents, to our clergymen and clergywomen and to our offspring to preserve the legacy of this most unique institution. This site is a tribute to them and testimony to the fact that Holy Spirit lives on in our minds and hearts.  Hopefully, this will be a place for schoolmates to reconnect, to reminisce and to share...maybe even learn something new!