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The sisters of the Holy Family were the instructors and administrators of Holy Spirit Catholic School.  The sisters continue to commit themselves to "consistent prayerfulness, spontaneous generosity, affectionate support, diligent labor and leisurely presence in the communities they serve".  Check out their beautiful and informative site.


Ahmad Jabaar and his five brothers were one of the Holy Spirit families.  Find out who Bobby Joe grew up to be by visiting his eclectic site.


Dr. and Mrs Isidore Lamothe were the parents of 4 Holy Spirit students.  In addition to being one of the few Black physicians in our town, Dr. Lamothe was actively involved in Holy Spirit Church, Holy Spirit School, St. Joseph School, scouting and efforts to uplift the community.  Find out more about his contributions at the following site.


Father Maggiore, Father J. Calamari, Father W. Danahy and Father A. Kiel and Father F. Fallon were the Josephite priests who served at Holy Spirit Parish.  The Josephite priests have served African-American communities since 1871.  See how they continue to serve when you check their site.


Ronald Rease Johnson was born in 1956 and passed away in 2010, both in Marshall, TX.  He attended Holy Spirit School during his elementary or formative years.  His father had a career in the Army, so the family moved often but the solid foundation that the “Holy Spirit Experience” provided continued to have an influence on Ron all his life.    


Ron graduated from Marshall High School in 1973 and the University of Texas at Austin, in 1978.  He completed his Master of Business Administration at U.T. Tyler, in 2008 as a Beta Gamma Honors Student.  He was accepted as a U.T doctoral candidate in February, 2010.    


Ron was a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and Public Auditor.  He worked in numerous public and private sector positions including as Texas State Oil and Gas Industry Auditor; City Auditor, Shreveport, LA; Comptroller, Wiley College, Marshall, TX.  He established REASE Consulting, LLC in 2008, which provided accounting and business management consulting services to Texas College in Tyler, TX and Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, TX.       


Ron was a very spiritual person; remember that “Holy Spirit Experience”-- it stays with you for a lifetime.  As a result, he shared his enlightened insights with a world-wide community of friends and family through his blog site: